For students

1. Paper Template

Please strictly follow instructions for paper formatting otherwise paper which does not meet these guidelines may not be published!!!

For details please visit Instruction for authors (Instructions for Authors can be found there). 

- Word Templates

A document template has been prepared by ICFE 2018 for use with Word. Predefined style formats are available for all the types of content that are part of the manuscript, and these formats can be easily accessed via hotkeys or special toolbars. For download click download Word Template. For paper example click here

All submitted papers are to be limited to a maximum length of 15 pages.

2. Submission

Please follow the instruction below to submit your paper through email: icfe2018@tdtu.edu.vn

If you need assistance, please contact: icfe2018@tdtu.edu.vn

3. Important dates

  • Full Paper Submission:
     By August 25th, 2018 
  • Conference Dates:
     September 20th - 21st, 2018.

4. Requirement: Student has to be the main author of the paper and is supposed to present paper personally.